CROUCH END FESTIVAL 2017 is now over

The organisers would like to thank everyone who took part and everyone who attended – you all contributed to make this the biggest and best festival yet! We are delighted and thrilled that so many of you turned up to enjoy Crouch End Festival this year.

For answers to Red Herring, please click here

Directors: Chris Arnold, Amanda Carrara, Chris Currer, Sue Felgate
Website editor: Olivia Rosen
Programme Team: Chris Arnold, Amanda Carrara, Sue Felgate, Olivia Rosen, Janet Hurford & Vish Chopra
Social, PR and Marketing: Chris Arnold, Olivia Rosen, Bex Salmon
Music Day Team: Chris Currer, Daniella Maria Bowyer, Olivia Rosen
Red Herring: Sue Felgate, Janet Hurford
Family Day Team: Chris Currer, Saasha Celestial-One, Jane Fluckiger, Richard Emmerson
Team Players: Ronnie Chou, Bev Coffin, Chris Howe, Jacqui Osley, Julianne Gallant, Sean Azzopardi, Patrick Gray, Lynn Malloy. Also all our crafters who help out on the day.
Design and artwork: Creative Orchestra: Vish Chopra

Special thanks to:
The Team at Hornsey Town Hall: Alex Rochford, Nick Saich, Asa Talbaut (ANA)

Thanks to all our sponsors and our Main Sponsor Martyn Gerrard.

Photos: Sean Azzopardi, Amanda Carrara, Olivia Rosen, Bev Coffin, Jacqui Osley, Mike & Janet Hurford, Bex Salmon, Ronnie Chou