Okay you guys we don’t have the green back yet, and closing Weston Park for a market the third time in a year seems like overplaying it. So, no Xmas market this year. We’d love to do it, it just seems like the wrong thing to do and frankly time is getting away from us.

But….Santa’s coming back!

Santa’s grotto in the Clocktower on 10 December is what we’re up to this season. Same Santa, same suit, same timings of 13h00 to 15h30 that inevitably becomes 13h00 to 17h30…that guy should be busier but seems to just not want to leave. Dunno why, must be our charming selves.

Also, we need some new directors for CEF. You’d be listed at Companies House as a director of London Community Arts CIC (yes, we’re registered, who knew?). To keep this going, we need to attract people who have experience in event management, social media, community outreach, diversity, finances, crowd management…or have no experience at all in any of these things but want to get involved and learn how this works, bring a fresh set of eyes, new ideas, and help us deliver CEF to the community and beyond. Ping us a message here, twitter, insta, wherever…

No, we can’t pay you, sorry, we have a shoestring (maybe a tiny bit of twine?) to work with. It’s fun, though. We’ve done this for years for free – if it was a drag, we’d have stopped. But we haven’t so ergo it’s fun! Also, looks a little bit okay on a CV.






10 December 2022 December 2022

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