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Here is where you register an event or apply to participate. We've broken it down into a few categories to make it easier for you and for us. Apply to trade at the markets is one link; apply to perform at the music venues is another; put yourself up for a self-organised gig (pub, restaurant, community centre...whatever) is another. 

Go for it.

Register your thing

Make your pick!

Market Traders

If you'd like to trade at markets either in Weston Park or in Stationers (more for the kids, tbh) this is your link.


If you want to play either on the Weston Park stage or at Stationers or you've got another idea, this is where to tell us what you'd like to do.

Cinema: Short Films, Long-Form, Documentaries

All things visual. Go for it. Here's your link: Watch Me!

Art and photography

Got some arty stuff you'd like us all to see? Here's your link: I did this!

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