Market Details

  • Sat, 1st December 2018
Hornsey Town Hall Square & Green
The Broadway
London N8 9JJ


Esmaes Pantry

Cat and dog treats made locally in Crouch End!
We believe in fresh ingredients with no additives. We love Christmas and we love to create special gifts for your family pet.

Hi my name is Esmae and I am a Pugalier!

My mum Heidi and I are the brains behind Esmae’s Pantry (ok mum really is but I am always on hand to help with the quality control, taste testing and of course the face of the company).

From a very young age mum struggled to find treats for me that were gentle on the tummy and had no processed rubbish in them. Treat after treat would go straight through me and one day the decision was made that homemade treats would have to be the way forward. Heidi (mum) would sit for hours researching all the different meats, fruit and vegetables that would make up a healthy treat with no additives, sugars, salts or preservatives.

And B I N G O we came up with our very first flavour – Kale, Mint and Apple, then Peanut Butter Brownie and so on. Very soon Dad was getting angry because he was no longer getting his usual Lemon Drizzle Cake and on the rare occasion that he did, it was in the shape of a dog bone!

All my friends at doggie day care and my park friends all loved the treats so much that they kept asking for some, they even insisted on paying for them! It was then decided that we would set up a little stall at the local Farmers Market at Alexandra Palace. Two years on we have a fabulous cliental who we love to chat with each Sunday at the market and many more who buy from us online.

For us it’s all about meeting our friends at the market and online and providing them with a lovely homemade healthy treats, all handmade from our North London home.

We hope that your fur baby loves our treats as much as we do

Esmae and Heidi x