Market Details

Elizabeth Burling
  • Sat, 1st December 2018
Hornsey Town Hall Square & Green
The Broadway
London N8 9JJ


Burling’s Bears

The bears and I are very much looking forward to seeing you all at Crouch End again.

Each bear is hand knitted by me just north of Crouch End in East Barnet village. Most of my bears are made using 100% natural undyed British wool, often from single breed sheep and sourced from independent producers.  The beautiful natural colours work very well as teddy fur! I do also have a range of coloured bears whose wool comes from New Lanark Mills in Scotland. All of the bears are stuffed with lovely soft pure Shetland fleece.

Apart from teddies, there will also be rabbits, cats, elephants, dragons and special sleepy bears whose tummies have a lavender sachet in. Stripey cats were very popular at Crouch End last year so I have knitted as many as I can to bring with me this year. There will also be ballerina bears in little knitted tutus.

Wool has antibacterial and fire retardant properties and the teddies can be washed gently if needed.