for the summer festival and to help anyone wishing to find a venue year-round, We’ve compiled a list of local venues, see below.

1. To register an Event on our website, you need to enter the venue name. If it’s already on the Venues list below, it will show up when you start typing its name on the form. Please be patient at this stage, as your venue name may take a minute or so to load!
2. If your venue is NOT listed here, you will need to contact the festival team and they will add the venue address for you. As soon as you see your venue up on the Venue list, you can fill out your Event Registration form.
3. If you are a returning (or new) venue, could you please indicate the level of disabled access?

the small print (small but important)

Check if you need insurance or a performance license (called a TEN) with the venue or the council, whether you are playing in a venue or on the street. Although we (the organisers) hold public liability insurance, we are NOT publicly liable for any event we are not directly responsible for organising, so it is entirely up to you to make sure you are covered.


We don’t prevent people charging entrance fees to cover costs but the whole event is essentially a not-for-profit community arts festival, so most audiences don’t expect to pay a lot. And if you charge and your event is up against free ones, you may not get the audience you hoped for.


Please get in touch on the Contact page – we welcome venues, the more the better!

Name Address Phone Email
Holy Innocents Church 134 Tottenham Lane
N8 7EL
020 83401300
The Intimate Space at St Mary's Church Tower Hornsey Village
N8 7QB

Venue Information:
Contact: Chris Arnold
07778 056686
Christ Church The Vicarage
Crescent Road
N8 8AX
020 8340 1566
St Peter in Chains RC Church Womersley Road
N8 9AE
Hornsey Parish Church Cranley Gardens
N10 3AH
020 8883 6846
Holy Trinity Church Granville Road
N4 4EL
Holy Trinity Church Hall Stapleton Hall Road, N4 4QA
N4 4QA
020 7281 6864
The Moravian Church Hall The Hornsey Moravian Church Hall
Priory Road
N8 7HR
N8 7HR
020 8340 6800
Union Church and Community Centre Weston Park,
Crouch End,
London N8 9PX
N8 9PX
St Saviour's Church 79 Hanley Rd,
Finsbury Park,
London N4 3DQ
N4 3DQ
St michael's Church South Grove,
London N6 6BJ
N6 6BJ
St Augustine's Church St Augustine’s Church
Archway Road
N6 5BH
N6 5BH
St Mary's Tower gardens
N8 7NT
Coffee shops, cafes & restaurants
Sable D'Or 43 The Broadway
N8 8DT
0208 442 1330 / 2028 341 7789
Khoai Cafe 6 Topsfield Parade
N8 8PR
0208 341 2120
TooTooMoo Crouch End Hill
07880 195 555
La Pradera 14 Hornsey High Street
N8 7PB
0208 340 9400
Nakama Topsfield Parade
N8 8PT
020 8340 7773
Melange Tottenham Lane
N8 8PT
020 8341 1681
Hot Pepper Jelly 11 Broadway Parade
N8 9DE
020 8340 4318
Harris & Hoole 9 The Broadway
N8 8DU
0208 347 6269 / 078282 01976
Coffee Circus Crouch Hill
N8 9DX
07412 888 170
The Haberdashery Cafe 22 Middle Lane
N8 8PL
0208 342 8098
Bar Esteban 29 Park Road
N8 8TE
020 8340 3090
The Pavilion Flora
Priory Park
074 4304 7785
The Olive Damla
10 High Street
N8 7PB
020 8348 8335
Intrepid Bakers 38 Hornsey High Street,
N8 7NX
0208340 0211
Italica Andrea
020 8341 5638
Ginger & Mint 11 Park Road
020 8341 9181
Ridge Cafe Ian
97 Tottenham Lane
N8 9BG
0793 2637855
Ten Jonathan
10 Priory Road
N8 7RD
02 8342 9086
Wow Simply Japanese Kim
18 Crouch End Hill
N8 8AA

Venue Information:
smallish restaurant. 25 - 30?
020 8340 4539
Tomo Pizzeria Adam or Eve
88 High St
N8 7NU
0208 340 0099
Bufala di Londra 18 Topsfield Parade, Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, London N8 8PT
N8 8PT

Venue Information:
Mustafa or Ingrid
Banner's Restaurant and Bar 21 Park Rd, London N8 8TE
n8 8te

Venue Information:
Suitable for small music events
The Crouch End Cellars 55 The Broadway,
Crouch End, London
N8 8DT
N8 8DT
Crouch End
Weston Park Place Weston Park
Clocktower The Clocktower
The Art House 159A Tottenham Lane
N8 9BT
020 8245 3099
Jealous Gallery Park Road
N8 8TE
Space36 36 Ashley Road
N19 3AF

Venue Information:
The Crouch End Gallery 3, Sandringham Gardens, N8 9HU
N8 9HU
Park Avenue Studios Park Avenue Studios
22 Park Avenue South - Crouch End, London
N8 8LT
Website URL:
N8 8LT
Project Me Curtis / Michelle
84 Park Road
N8 8JQ
0208 348 4577
Virgin Active Damon
31 Topsfield Parade

N8 8PT
0208 347 7763
Explore Learning Laura
86 Park Road
N8 8JQ
020 3375 4245
The Studio Michael Lee
72a Hillfield Avenue
N8 7DN
12 Warner Road
N8 7HD
The Hap'ning Place 3 The Campsbourne
N8 7PN
Crouch End Picturehouse 165 Tottenham Lane
N8 9BY
0871 902 5758
Coolhurst Tennis Club Coolhurst Road
N8 8EL
MTO Nursery Unit 1-2, 44-54 Coleridge Rd, London
N8 8ED

Venue Information:
MTO nursery is a small, privately owned nursery. We offer full day care for children aged from birth to 5 years old.Our opening times are from 7:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday.The nursery offers fun, planned activities that adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to support the healthy growth and development of all children.

Our focus is ‘learning through play’ with planned activities and sensitive adult intervention according to each child’s developmental needs, interests and learning styles. We have a wide range of activities on offer including music and movement, small world, sand and water, creative and sensory, messy play, painting, role play, news time, story time, gardening, cooking, singing, I.T.C. construction and outdoor exploration.

During the festival we'd like to invite family-friendly acts to join us on weekdays to interact with our children and help them to celebrate the creativity of Crouch End! we have 2 spaces available as venues, one that specifically caters for babies (under 2 years) and one which is more open plan for children ages 2-5. All performances or workshops must be suitable for these age ranges.

If you are interested in performing at our venue, spaces can be booked via the office. Please don't hesitate to contact us at to confirm dates and venue availability.
Weston Park Bakery 85 Weston Park, Crouch End
N8 9PR
Abide Church Hall 145 Park Road
N8 8JN
The Cricket Club 185a Park Road
Crouch End
N8 8JJ
Simply Radiators 'Simply Radiators' 
155 Tottenham Lane, 
Crouch End N8 9BT 
N8 9BT

Venue Information:
Simply Radiators, near the 41 bus stop across from the YMCA
Parkland Walk
N4 3EY
Total Boxer Total Boxer Gym
Unit 21
Cranford Way
N8 9DG


Total Boxer Boutique
46 Tottenham Lane
N8 7ED
N8 9DG

Venue Information:
Two venues listed as one! Thye are:

Total Boxer Gym
Unit 21
Cranford Way
N8 9DG


Total Boxer Boutique
46 Tottenham Lane
N8 7ED
My Gym 2-4 The Broadway
Basement Unit
N8 9 SN
The Barber Room The Barber Room,
38 Topsfield Parade,
Crouch End
N8 8PT.
N8 8PT
5 Elder Ave 5 Elder Ave
N8 9TE
50 Weston Park 50 Weston Park
N8 9TD
Shepherds Cot Trust Greenways
N8 8JJ
War Memorial, Hornsey Central Health Centre War Memorial at Hornsey Central Health Centre
151 Park Rd, Crouch End,
London N8 8JD
N8 8DJ
Stationers Park
N8 9LP
Cape Adventure Playground 85 Crouch Hill

N8 9EG
0203 875 3662
GYROTONIC® 62, Crouch End Hill , First Floor

N8 8AH
The Pilates Place 62 , Crouch End Hill
N8 8AG
Yoga Junction Yoga Junction
93a Weston Park
N8 9PR
N8 9PR
Open spaces (including parks)
Fairfield Park Ant Elder
Falkland Road
Hornsey Town Hall Green The Broadway
B8 9JJ
Public buildings & libraries
Hornsey Town Hall The Broadway
N8 9JJ

Venue Information:
Hornsey Vale Community Centre 60 Mayfield Road, London
N8 9LP
020 8348 4612
Hornsey Library Haringey Park
N8 9JA
020 8489 1118
Pubs and bars
Moors Bar 57 Park Road, London
N8 8SY
020 8348 4161
Kiss The Sky 18-20 Park Rd, London
N8 8TD
020 8347 6444
The Maynard Arms 70 Park Rd, London
N8 8SX
020 8341 6283
Great Northern Railway Tavern 67 High Street, London
N8 7QB
020 8127 6632
The Hornsey Tavern Hornsey High Street
N8 7PB
020 8340 2729
Victoria Stakes Park Road
N10 3TH
020 8815 1793
The Alex Park Road
N8 8JP
020 8245 6827
The Queens 26 Broadway Parade
N8 9DE
0208 340 2031
King's Head 2 Crouch End Hill
N8 8AA
0208 340 1028
Shaftesbury Tavern 534 Hornsey Road
N19 3QN
020 7272 7950
Harringay Arms 153 Crouch Hill, London N8 9QH
n8 9Qh

Venue Information:
Ben or Anthony - also have the slip room
Small Beer 22 Topsfield parade
n8 8pt
Tap Room Harringay Arms Harringey Arms, Crouch End
n8 9qh

Venue Information:
In the tap room - We have a professionally tuned upright piano. XLR sockets in the wall connected to our speaker system. We have a separate PA system, stage lights & 2 mics. We also have 2 Technic 1210s turntables, a professional mixer with mic output.
Capacity 40ppl.
The Priory Pub 169 Priory Road
N8 8NB
Vintiners 24 Crouch End Hill, London
N8 8AA
Spirited Away
0208 341 3241
Scarecrow Boutique 55 Park Road
N8 8SY
020 8347 5164
Audio Gold 308 Park Road
N8 8LA
020 8341 9007
Pickled Pepper Books Middle Lane
N8 8PN
020 3632 0823
Of Special Interest 44-46 Park Road London
N8 8TD

Venue Information:
020 8340 0909
Bottle Apostle Aris / Dion
49 Park Road,
N8 8SY
0208 347 7577
Little Paris Park Road

Venue Information:
0208 340 9008
The Harvest 69 Tottenham Lane
N8 9BE

Venue Information:
0785 942 5007
Carters Ray
14-16 Crouch End Hill
N8 8AA

Venue Information:
limited space to hang artwork
0208340 2297
Flashback 144 Crouch Hill
N8 9DX
020 8342 9633
Floral Hall Haringey Park
N8 9DX
Windmill Children's Shoes 98 Weston Park
N8 9PP
020 8340 6700
Windmill Shoe Shop 98 Weston Park,
N8 9PP
N8 9PP
Nest 102 Weston Park
N8 9TP
020 8340 8852
Aladdin’s Vintage Furniture & Cafe 1 Hazelville Road
N19 3LW
Season Crouch End 45 Park Road
Crouch End
t: 020 8348 3451
N8 8TE
020 8348 3451
Urban Native 188 Stroud Green Road
N4 3RN
Awaken The Crouch End Tiger 57 Park Road, N88SY
N8 8SY

Venue Information:
07957 348 153
Stroud Green
Unusual places (includes phone boxes)