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Described as "Probably the smallest but coolest venue in London," The Intimate Space has turned its smallness into a big USP.  Based in a 500-year-old church tower (they knocked the church down 150 years ago) it is both atmospheric and inspiring. 

During lockdown we did a number of open-air concerts, using the steps as a stage. Time Out described it as "London's best-kept secret venue."


Inside it seats 25 and is perfect for fringe, experimental, first-time shows and... well anything really. We've hosted it all - drama, dance, music (of every type), comedy, art shows, experiential experiences, light shows, poetry, club meetings, workshops, parties.... 

Outside, you can get up to 300 people in the gardens. We have had just about every kind of music - blues, rock, jive, jazz, folk, Irish, experimental avant-garde, electronic, classical and both the Hornsey Music Festival and the Crouch End Festival. We even did a comedy night.

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