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Rohan Candappa
  • Sun, 10th June 2018 from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Free - but book tickets at the link below to be sure of your place
Hornsey Town Hall
The Broadway
N8 9JJ

About the Event

What Listening To 10,000 Love Songs Has Taught Me About Love

A Spoken Word show from a million selling author that explains, love, love songs, and chocolate. With music from Blondie, Soft Cell and Frankie. It's funny, thought-provoking and really quite moving.

This is a preview of a Spoken Word show that I’m taking up to Edinburgh this year. As it was written in Crouch End it seems the perfect place to put it through its paces.

A desk, a pile of papers, a stack of records and a funny, thought-provoking and really quite moving tale exploring love, love songs and how we all live lives with our own personal soundtracks. Featuring songs from Blondie, Soft Cell, Frankie and more. (You know, proper music). There might even be chocolate involved.

Previous preview audiences loved it:

‘A warm, funny, poignant evening – an excellent performer.’

‘Fabulous. Makes you feel good about life (and love).’

‘Absolutely loved it: made us happy, made us sad, made us reflective, made us laugh.’

So why not come along and check it out? I mean, there’s never anything decent on the telly on a Sunday night. And the Council Chamber in the Town Hall is a wonderful venue to sit in for an hour and see a show. 

Also, it’s free – so no need to book a ticket, just turn up.