The Victoria Stakes gets set for Crouch End Festival 2017!

The Victoria Stakes has been providing sustenance in the form of Pimm’s, beers, burgers and more at the festival – and they are delighted to getting ready for this year with their delicious food and drink – we’re just as delighted to welcome them back. Find their stall at Crouch End Green on festival weekends. The Victoria Stakes pub was damaged by fire last year and is almost ready to reopen – it will be back in business, serving customers by the time the festival opens.

Victoria Stakes stall


20th December – our trees are planted!

We have two brand new white bark birches to enjoy, now gracing our Green and keeping our Nordic spruce company over Christmas. Planted by Matt and Luke (Haringey Parks department), with Nuala Hancock and Amanda Carrara (Friends of Crouch End Green). Welcome, our beautiful baby birches!


19th December – 9am tree planting…

On Monday morning we have a tree planting (we’re all about trees) on the Green.
The old tree in the centre that was felled in June had to be replaced at Haringey’s cost. So Monday morning 9am we have two new birch trees (betula jacqemontii) being planted (with agreement from Nuala our Green horticultural advisor) by the LBH AA.
The trees are being supplied and planted by Haringey with agreement, collaboration and advice from Friends of Crouch End Green. The Friends are a group of local residents managing and maintaining the green with Haringey as an interim measure. Whatever the outcome of the disposal process – we still want to enjoy and need to cherish this space.
Any plans for the square may be years in the execution so our aim is to make the square as enjoyable as possible in the meantime.
Bring hot drinks and toast new shoots!

One more shopping week till Christmas!! Make it local (see below)…


The Festival team and Urban Flower get into the Shop Local spirit