application forms for 2018 crouch end festival

June 9th is the big Craft Market with local school choirs and the open-air cinema to top if off. Applications for this event are NOW OPEN.

June 10th is the big Taste Of…(food) Market, with stalls offering food to take home, and to eat while you browse the festival. Applications for this event are NOW OPEN

June 10th the Main Stage Applications…not quite yet. Soon, though.

And on June 17th we’re doing our traditional Family Day, complete with music, choirs, open-air bingo (if the rain holds off…well, even if it doesn’t to be honest) and all the nice friendly end-of-Festival zen feeling we like to see. Applications are …not quite yet, soon though

We also have a print programme. For inclusion, please make sure your events are registered by 11th May.