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  • Sat, 18th June 2016 from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm
  • Sun, 19th June 2016 from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm
Crouch End


About the Event

Red Herring

Here's the Red Herring object list!

Crouch End Red Herring Shops  Total 62

 Crouch End Hill

Salon Seventy Two     – J K Rowling book

Graham Fine Art      – Pine Cone

Tootoomoo            – Black baseball cap

Carter’s Glass         – Quacker Nun

Vintiners                 – Snail

View                           – Tin of sweetcorn

Crouch Hill

Oddbins           – Golf club

Blue Legume           – nail varnish

My Creche        – Sunglasses

Pearl and Turquoise -Green toy car

Coffee Circus       -Childs Glove/s

Murray –           Tin sardines\dead sardine

Flashback     – Tape Measure

Capelli’s        – Shell

The Broadway

Broadway       -Arty Photograph

Dunn’s           – Black shoe

Riley’s           – Giraffe

Burgers N8   – Sherrif’s Badge

*Walter Purkis & Sons – plug

SpecSavers            – Hat

Haelan Centre         – Key

T Jewellery                – Light bulb

Harris + Hoole         – Green Welly

Martyn Gerrard.     – sales particulars for Stade de France

Petters Pharmacy    – Coke Bottle

Fifty-Five cafe            – Hosepipe

Edith’s House          – Santa Decoration

Broadway Parade

Pharmacia Naturale           – Paperclip

Hot Pepper Jelly      – Estate Agent advert

Indish                         – Paintbrush

Real Domestic Appliances                       – Cup of Coffee

Morley Butchers                               – Tin of carrots

Mini Kin                                              – Kit Kat

Muddy Boots                       – Crouch End United origami shirt

Callis                                     – Tennis ball

Topsfield Parade                                                               

Beam                  – Leaf

Soup Dragon     – Sink Plug

C.H. Lim Opticians – gecko/lizard

O Bags          – Badge

Gift             –   Key

MP4                – Shoebox

Niddle Noddle          – Toilet Roll

Park Road (South)

Bishops                     – Shampoo Sachet

Ginger & Mint            – Dog Food

Rub a Dub Dub        – Packet of Wotsits

Hornsey Pet & Garden       – Can of Ginger Beer

Rhoda                                    – Travel toothpaste

The Urban Flower               – Tin of rice pudding

Bottle Apostle           – Toothpicks

Scarecrow                 – Screwdriver

Change of Heart      – Large Key

Park Road (North)

Project Me                             – Bagpuss cat toy

Of Special Interest              – Red nail varnish

Junk & Disorderly                – Casino Chip

Middle Lane

Pickled Pepper Books        – Screwdriver

Wm C Thomerson              – My little Pony

The Haberdashery             – Toy motorcycle

Engine Room                       – Star wine stopper

Weston Park                                                          

Nest                                    – paint brush

Windmill                                – Sugar Dummy

Yoga Junction                      – Veggie Yoga

Avalon                                    – Cent coin

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