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Ana Arts Projects
  • Sun, 19th June 2016 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Hornsey Town Hall
The Broadway
N8 9JJ

About the Event

Anna Greenwood’s Bumper Pop Quiz

A trashular spectacular quiz from pop culture junkie, DJ Anna Greenwood. An irreverent and not-at-all-hard-but-max-lolz series of questions to test your brains, from the bargain bin to top of the pops

Showbiz trivia, pop music, celeb gossip and telly talk, it’s a quiz for those fluent in emoji, know their CBB from their MIC and always have an eye on the Sidebar of Shame.

Including rounds such as: Name that Tune! (on the recorder),
Instaham! (where Instagram meets Ham)
Balearic or Bollocks! (music facts and tracks)
Take a Break! (filling the gaps in “real lives” magazine headlines)
Picture rounds! Rubbish prizes! Some actually quite good prizes! Plastic Medals! And GLORY!

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